‘Lousy’ Fury Slams AJ’s Promoter Eddie Hearn

Controversial British boxer Tyson Fury is back in the news again after he ripped into Anthony Joshua (AJ)’s promoter, Eddie Hearn.

Fury, 29, mocked Eddie Hearn in one of the three In stag ram videos he uploaded to his account on Wednesday.

He was seen singing along to ‘Return of the Mac’ by Mark Morrison in one of the videos while getting his hands wrapped.

In the second video, Tyson Fury was filmed dropping a rap aimed at Anthony Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn while the third and last video saw him issue a threat to regain a boxing license with a foreign boxing board rather than the British board that said it will review his status in January.

The second video was accompanied by a caption that says this is a ‘special message to Eddie Hearn and the video played host to his own rap to Eminem’s Without Me which he aimed at Eddie Hearn.

The British boxer is in line to regain his boxing license in January as he bids to return to the ring

“The BBoC (sic) won’t let me be, or let me be me so let me see, they tried to shut me down on Sports TV but it feels so empty without me,’ Fury raps in his second video.

A moments later, Fury continues: “Get ready, this s**** about to get heavy, I just settled all my lawsuits, f*** you, Eddie.” while holding up both of his middle fingers to the camera.

In his rant about the British boxing license board in the third video, Fury said: “Hi everybody, I just need to settle a couple of things regarding this BBBoC boxing license.”

“I know they keep commenting on my career and whatever. Let’s talk straight.

“I’ve not held a BBoC boxing license since I fought Klitschko two years ago. Every year you have to renew your license, have your medicals and everything and pay your fees.

“I’ve paid no fees or renewed no licenses with any boxing board of controls around the world, nowhere and it is what it is.

“Who knows, I might not even go back to the British Boxing Board of Control after how they have conducted themselves and the manner ***** in which they behaved around the whole thing.

“So get it out of your mind that it’s cement I am going with you guys because I have a vast array of board of controls around the world with open arms welcoming the Gypsy King and treat me like the king I am, not like some piece of s***’.” he concluded.