UFC: Israel Adesanya Relocates After Historic Victory

After securing his 16th win without a loss by defeating Brazil’s legendary Anderson Silva in the UFC 234 in Melbourne last week, Africa’s fast-rising MMA athlete, Israel Adesanya has relocated to a remote village in New Zealand, according to his manager, Eugene Bareman, The Guardian reports.

Adesanya, who lives in New Zealand with his parents, confirmed his status as MMA’s next superstar by defeating his older Brazilian opponent by a unanimous decision in ‘the battle of Melbourne’ last week. The fight will go down as one of his biggest in history.

Before his victory over the Brazilian last week at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne, Israel Adesanya was unbeaten in 15 visits to the octagon, four of them in the UFC.

In a message to The Guardian yesterday, Adesanya’s manager, Eugene Bareman said: “We really appreciate any coverage Israel receives in his home country. Israel is currently spending a week in a remote part of our country (New Zealand). He is recharging his batteries, revitalizing his energy if you like.”

Shortly after the victory over Brazil’s Silva, Israel’s father, Femi Tai Adesanya told The Guardian that his son looked forward to visiting Nigeria soon, most likely in the middle of the year.

Adesanya, who hails from Odogbolu, Ogun State stated that with Israel’s victory in the much-celebrated battle of Melbourne, more Nigerians will fall in love with the combat sports.

“I suppose with Israel’s performance, and DSTV showing MMA fights, the sky is the limit because Nigeria is blessed with strong and intelligent children who, with the right level of support, will do well. Nigeria has a couple of boys in the UFC,” he stated.

The senior Adesanya hinted that another Nigerian will fight for the World welterweight title on March 5.