Nigerian Football – Stuck In The Mud Of Leadership!  –Odegbami

Today, Nigerian football is beset with very many challenges. That’s why despite the abundance of talent in the country, taking domestic Nigerian football to another level has become seemingly impossible. It has been stuck for almost 3 decades now in the mud of ignorance. What is happening is captured aptly in the words of renowned Nigerian writer, Labisi Olagunju, who wrote in his newspaper column last week: “bush is the way – because the blind is the guide”.

Successive football administrators of the past 3 decades, in particular, did not fully appreciate nor understood the importance of a particular missing puzzle in the jigsaw of Nigerian football. They look everywhere else for answers except in the direction of this most vital of ingredients for football development at the highest levels.

Now, the riddle.

a. It is the single most important item in the list of requirements to complete genuine football

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