Klopp Furious over Referee’s Decisions in Liverpool Loss

Jurgen Klopp was left furious by Vincent Kompany on Thursday night, claiming the Manchester City defender’s lunge at Mo Salah could have finished the Egyptian’s season.

Kompany overstretched after John Stones misplaced a simple pass in midfield before the break, clattering into Salah as the Liverpool forward bore down on goal.

Klopp was left in no doubt that Anthony Taylor should have shown the City captain a red card, which would have changed the complexion of the titanic title fight.

“I really like Vincent Kompany but how on Earth is that not a red card?” Klopp asked. “He is [the] last man and he goes in.

“If he hits Mo more then he is out for the season. It is not easy for the ref and he may not see it how I see it.

“I like him he is such a fantastic player, loved him when he was at Hamburg but a player makes a decision, goes to the ground. If Mo is on his feet, we all know what happens.

“Look, he is still a nice guy but with a really bad decision. If Mo can go through, come on, what happens then? Do you need blood? An open something?”

“When we were here last year we got a red card and nobody thought about it. Sadio (Mane) didn’t want to do that for a second but he hit him. Look at it and make your own opinion.”

Liverpool are looking to win their first title since 1990 and, while the manager has ‘so much faith’ in his squad, he did admit City are more accustomed to the pressure of the race. 

“If someone had told me after both games after Man City we were four points clear, I would have paid money for it,” he added. 

“I didn’t think it would be possible. Football is like this. If we win this and are 10 points ahead and from that point win no games, then nothing happens.

“If we would have won the title five times in the last 10 years, 100 per cent, but we don’t have it. We never won it as a team so we want to finish the season as good as possible.

“It is all fine for us. Not in the moment, it feels really bad, but it is only a moment. Then we have an opportunity to work on it.”