Isha Johansen Seeks Re-election As President Of Sierra Leone Football Association

Isha Johansen has publically expressed her desire to seek re-election as president of Sierra Leone Football Association despite saying she was a victim of intimidation and discrimination during her first term.

“I have decided to run for a second term in office – after careful deliberation. I would like to finish what I started. There is unfinished business.” – Johansen told BBC Sport.

Increase in coaches, both male and female; improved national teams and better playing surfaces she ascribes as part of her first term feats.

She is Africa’s only female federation president, a feat achieved in 2013 which culminated on the 3rd of August, 2017.

Her decision surely will be surprising to the few who would have expected her not to seek re-election with her reign blighted by controversy, infighting and the Ebola crisis.

Last year, Johansen spent a night in custody when detained by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) after failing to attend a hearing, whereupon ACC officials and armed police raided the SLFA secretariat.

A new date for the election is yet to be made official, but Sanusi Bruski Kargbo, a former ally remains her stiffest opposition in her quest for re-election.