Talents, Glamour and Cultural Diversity on display as Female Open Karate Championship Winds Down

The Zainab Saleh International Female Open Karate Championship was brought to a climax today as the Karatekas and their coaches continued from where they stopped yesterday with lots of fascinating display of Karate skills and cultural diversity.

Similar to yesterday’s event, the kata junior and senior Karatekas kicked off the day as the finalists  showed several combative and acrobatic pattern of movements in a bid to impress the judges.

When it was time for the Kumite event however, the coaches were seen barking instructions to their athletes in diverse languages.

Igbo, Yoruba, Gun, Edo and French languages could be heard from different sections of the hall as the Karatekas began their fights.

Fans were not left out as they chanted different local songs in support of their favourite Karatekas and teams.

Cultural dance and music by Africa Image – a cultural dance group – also added gloss to the event.

At the end of the event, Oghali Elizabeth (Delta state), Kohounme Eugedielle (Republic of Benin) and Sodipo Fatimah (Ogun state) won gold in the +54kg, -54kg and -47 Kumite categories respectively while Emmanuella Mmadubugwu (Anambra state) won the Under14, +47kg Kumite category

At the Kata event, Khotonou Marie Pascale won gold in the Cadet Brown-Belt category, Okoroji Nnmesoma won the Cadet White & Orange Belt category, while Mmadubugwu Emmanualla won the under-14 White & Orange-Belt.