Wow! NFF Intern Steals $40,000 – Reports

A female intern with the Nigeria Football Federation has reportedly stolen a whooping sum of $40,000 from the football house.

The lady in question stole the money with the intention of returning the money after doubling it.

The intern whose name was not disclosed is said to be a sister to a former NFF president.

The lady picked four bundles of $10,000 before she hurriedly left the scene of the crime and left her handbag in the process.

She thereafter handed the huge sum of money to two men who assured her of doubling the money to $80,000 within two days.

Speaking on the incident via Breaking Times, a top NFF source said: “Yes two middle aged men have been arrested in connection to the money theft at the NFF.
The men confessed to the Police of being money doublers and confirmed that the lady actually gave them the money to double for her.” the source added.