“The Dive Didn’t Feel Too Good” – Tori Bowie

The Day 3 of the IAAF World Championships in London gave athletics fans another exciting final to relish – the Women’s 100m. As the last event of the day, the final gave just the right amount of adrenaline pump similar to the drama witnessed in the men’s the previous night, only that there wasn’t anyone retiring from the sport.

Of course many predicted Olympic and World Champion Elaine Thompson to take the crown, having dominated the field since 2015. Leaving any of America’s Tori Bowie, Marie Jose Ta Lou, Dafne Schippers and Murielle Ahoure to finish behind but the scripts were rewritten immediately the gun went.

Fastest off the grid was Ta Lou, who monstered down the lane leaving behind an obvious gap from the rest of the pack, at her tail was Bowie, probing the Ivorian all along the way. Ta Lou thought she had the 1st place in the bag but an effective dip from Bowie just at the line to make it an American sweep in the 100m event.

Bowie finished in 2nd place behind Thompson at the Rio Olympics may have unconsciously learnt a thing or two about diving for Gold from the Jamaican, as she dipped just in time to claim Gold with time 10.85s, closely followed by Ta Lou in 2nd by 10.86s and Schippers in 3rd 10.96s.

“The dive doesn’t feel too good now. But that has saved me at championships in the past. I never give up until I’m over the line.” – Tori Bowie

Ta Lou who didn’t seem fazed by the fact that she lost the Gold by an hair’s breadth said to journalists…

“I am just happy to have this medal, it is a dream come true. I didn’t expect to be in the top three because all the girls have the power and talent to make the podium.”

Shockingly Thompson who was highly tipped to win was stuck behind in 5th with time 10.98s following a very slow reaction time of 0.200s behind another Ivorian Ahoure in 4th with same time but faster reaction time of 0.184s.

“I have to give those three girls a lot of credit, so a big congratulations to them,” Elaine Thompson

“I didn’t execute my race which is a shame, but I’m healthy.” refuting any suggestion of injury.