Ordega: We Play For The Money (Audio)

As the Super Falcons get set to renew their rivalry with the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon in the semi-final of the 2018 Women Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana, Francisca Ordega says getting paid to win is the major motivation behind the Super Falcons’ sustained dominance on the continent.

Nigeria have won eight of the eleven tournaments held since the championships became a biennial event in 1998. A victory in Tuesday’s semi-final will keep their quest for a ninth title and a third in a row alive and with the team due four thousand dollars for winning the semi-final and five thousand dollars for winning the final, Ordega says thoughts of the financial incentives on offer, gets her competitive juices flowing.

“Because we get paid,” she said in response to a question about what keeps the Falcons hungry for more trophies despite the number of trophies they’ve won.

“We get a lot of money when [we] win, if [we] don’t win [we] don’t get anything and so far as I am concerned for [the wins against Zambia and Equatorial Guinea], everything is settled so that’s the motivation we are here to win and when you win you have money in your pocket.”

The 25-year old Washington Spirit of USA attacker has gained notoriety amongst fans for her expressive and unfiltered manner and often acting spontaneously in front of the cameras. Ordega who was voted woman of the match against Zambia in the Group Stages said that although her knowledge of the Cameroonians was limited, she couldn’t wait to face them at the Accra Sports Stadium on Tuesday, 27 November.

“I don’t know much about them but I know that they have a lot of pros just like Nigeria and they are more physical than us and they are experienced as well, they are a tough team to beat so, I don’t know much about them and really I don’t want to know we will get set on Tuesday.”