National Division One Handball Championship: Ruthless Angels Demolish Police Machine Women

Kwara Adorable Angels continued their winning run in the National Division One Handball Championship holding in Kaduna with a ruthless demolition of Police Machine Women on Matchday 3 on Saturday. 

The on-fire Angels treated fans to a display of clinical efficiency and demonstrated total superiority over their opponents in a 66-11 annihilation on the courts of the Muritala Muhammad Square.

Other contests in the women’s category of the championship saw Confluence Queens defeat Anambra Gallant Babes 29-19 while Delta Force Queens lost 20-22 to Benue Queens.

In the men’s category, Benue Buffaloes were 23-20 better than Gateway Pioneers, Plateau Vipers II easily dispatched Mind Scope Gladiators 34-21 while Police Machine Men restored some pride to the security outfit with a 28-21 victory over Yankari Bulls.

Kwara Adorable Stars continued the dominance of Kwara State representatives in both categories defeating Kano Pyramids 36-22, Delta Force beat fellow southerners Bayelsa United 35-21 while Confluence Stars earned a 27-16 victory over Katsina Desert Warriors.

Men’s Results 

Gateway pioneers 20-23 Benue Buffaloes 

Plateau Vipers II 34-21 Mindscope Gladiators 

Kano Pyramids 22-36 Kwara Adorable Stars 

Police Machine 28-21 Yankari Bulls 

Delta Force 35-21 Bayelsa United 

Confluence Stars 27-16 Katsina Desert Warriors 

Women’s Results

Police Machine 11-66 Kwara Adorable Angels 

Anambra Gallant Babes 19-29 Confluence Queens

Delta Force Queens 20-22 Benue Queens 

Mindscope Gladiatrix 20-29 Bayelsa Queens