Moise Kean: John Ogu Lambastes Juventus’ Bonucci

Super Eagles midfielder John Ogu has chided Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci after the Italian faulted Moise Kean for the racist chants that were heard during Juventus’ away match at Cagliari.

Ogu, who plays for Hapoel Be’er Sheva in the Israeli Premier League wrote in a tweet on his official handle stating his disgust for Bonucci’s comments about the racist chants Kean faced stating: “Shocking that a team mate will come up and blame a guy who was Racial abused by the opposition fans…”

Bonucci had put the blame for the racist chants partly on the 19-year-old saying he “could have done it differently” and “the blame is 50-50” not just a fault of the home fans.

Meanwhile, Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling has called Bonucci’s suggestion a ‘laughable’ statement.

In a post on his Instagram story on Wednesday, Sterling referred to the 31-year-old Italy defender by quoting “the blame is 50-50” followed by a series of laughing emojis and clapping hands.

However, Bonucci responded by writing: “Regardless of everything, in any case… NO TO RACISM.”