Joey Barton Wins FA Ban Appeal

Former Manchester City midfielder, Joey Barton, has had his 18 months ban from football activities for breaching FA betting rules reduced after an appeal.

34-year-old Barton, who admitted placing over 1,200 bets in ten years, was banned in April and fined £30,000 by the FA.

The Englishman’s ban has now been reduced by almost five months, initially to end by 25th October 2018, but now reduced until June 1st, 2018, after the appeal hearing at Wembley last week.

Barton described the ban as “excessive”, saying: “I accept that I broke the rules, but I do feel the penalty is heavier than it might be for less controversial players.”

In its ruling, the FA appeal board said: “It was clear that Mr Barton was not involved in any cheating, he did not influence any games and there was nothing suspicious about his bets.”

“[The reduction] reflects the overall seriousness of the breaches and also the mitigation of Mr Barton’s addiction.”