“I Play Tennis Only For The Money” – Bernard Tomic

Tennis “bad-boy” Bernard Tomic has revealed he has never loved the sport of tennis and he’s playing purely for the money.

The 73rd ranked player disclosed in an interview on Sunday night that he is amazed at how much he has achieved given his 50% dedication to his tennis career.

“Throughout my career, I’ve given 100%,” he said. “I’ve given also 30%. But if you balance it out, I think all my career’s been around 50% and I haven’t really tried and achieved all this. So it’s just amazing what I’ve done.”

The troubled Australian now ranked 73rd was recently fined $15000 in Wimbledon for faking an injury in other to lose in the 1st round match against Mischa Zverev, saying in his post-match interview that he grew “bored” during the game.

Tomic said in the candid interview, “I’ve never loved tennis. I am just going to go about it as a job. Wouldn’t anyone want to take a job in a professional sport in one of the biggest sports in the world and only give 50, 60 per cent and earn millions of dollars? I think everybody would take that.”

He went on to say, “It was a patch I was going through. I wasn’t motivated the last four, five months. I feel like I need to find my balance, I need to find my mindset whether it’s now or in one month or in three months.”

Tomic feels he is trapped in an unhappy place at the moment and perhaps winning a Grand Slam is the only thing that can make him extremely happy. He also advised his fans not to waste their money to pay to watch him instead they should watch him on TV.