FIFA Bans Former Ghana Football Association President For Life

World football governing body FIFA have banned former Ghana Football Association president Kwesi Nyantakyi, from all football-related activities, after he was found guilty by the body’s Adjudicatory Chamber of violating several articles in the FIFA Code of Ethics and also fined 500,00 Swiss Francs.

The former Ghana FA boss was exposed by an undercover journalist who posed as a football agent and bribed him in a video released by the BBC. The video showed Mr Nyatakyi collecting bundles of money and stuffing it in a paper bag not knowing he was being filmed.

The BBC released the video under their feature investigative piece – BBC Africa Eye, and since then the Ghanaian FA has come under much scrutiny causing the whole federation to be dissolved and new executives selected. This could be linked to previous suspicions of bribery and corrupt practices, especially under Nyantakyi, although no facts were presented until the video was released.

Nyantakyi was first removed as president of the Ghanaian FA then he was later suspended for 90 days by FIFA pending the Adjudicatory Chamber’s investigations. In a statement released by FIFA on Tuesday, he has consequently been banned for life from all footballing activities both local and international.

Nyantakyi is currently facing charges on bribery and corrupt practices including defrauding by false pretence in Ghana, after allegedly using the President’s, Nana Akufo-Addo, to extort money from some investors.