Egyptian FA Rules Out Resumption Of Football Activities Till June

Football activities remain suspended in Egypt until the end of May, the Football Association announced on Thursday.

The extension of the ban on football activities on the heels of the government’s decision to extend the enforced curfew.

Egypt has experienced a drought in football activities for almost two months like most other countries following the global coronavirus pandemic.

With a spike in the number of confirmed cases now 7,000 and deaths at almost 400, the government has decided to extend the enforced curfew on its citizens from 9PM to 6AM.

And in line with this decision, the EFA have decided to prolong the suspension of all football activities -for the fourth time- until the end of May.

The extension is coming four days after Egpyt’s FA engaged Sports and Youth minister Ashraf Sobhi to come about possible ways to sustain football after the pandemic.

From the discussions, it is most likely that the 2019/2020 Egyptian Premier League will not not be cancelled.

According to Sportsnetgh, a board member of the FA gas revealed that the league will resume whenever the pandemic ceases.