Disgraceful! Mike Tyson Thrown Out Of Chile

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was on Thursday thrown out of South American nation, Chile, in a disgraceful manner.

The 51-year old was denied entry by Chilean police on account of “non-compliance with immigration laws” and was immediately put back on the next flight back to his base (United States) according to the Investigative Police (PDI).

Mike Tyson was reportedly planning to attend an awards ceremony for action films taking place in the Chilean capital of Santiago.

PDI made the news of his deportation known via their Twitter account. The tweet said: “Detectives from the International Police are re-boarding Mike Tyson for not complying with immigration law.”

This is not the first time Tyson would be denied entry into a country after he had his entry visa to New Zealand revoked in 2012.

The charity that was going to profit from his visit to New Zealand dropped its support because of his rape conviction. He had earlier served three years of a six-year U.S. jail sentence for rape in 1992.