The ‘Return’ Of Tony Igwe – ‘World 2’ !  –Odegbami

Who is the greatest right-full back in the history of Nigerian football?

About a year ago, I asked football fans the question above, and conducted a small poll to get an answer. The response from Chief Dele Adetiba, a veteran journalist, broadcaster and Guru of Advertising, who has seen most of  Nigeria’s generation of footballers since the 1950s to date, was not surprising. It coincided with that of a few others who watched  Tony ‘Parkins’ Igwe play in the 1960s in Nigerian football.

For about 5 years, between 1966 and 1972, ‘World 2’, as Tony Igwe was nicknamed at the time by adoring football fans, could not be touched. He was way ahead of his generation in technique and skills as a defender.

Tony owned the right full-back position. He introduced to football at the time, a defensive style of play that flourishes in modern football today as the

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