Referee Spear Tackled While Officiating Match

A football referee is believed to have been seriously injured after being spear tackled to the ground by a bystander during a game. The incident took place during a match between Barry Athletic FC and FC Pumas in Barry, Wales.

The man was seen charging onto the field around 20 minutes into the game when the score was 1-1. The incident was caught on camera and posted on Facebook.

A spokesman from Barry Athletic FC said they had no idea who the bystanders, who are claimed to have carried out the tackle, were.

The spokesman said: “We were playing the game and these two guys entered the ground through some gate not used by anyone in the club. People were thinking, why the hell is someone coming through the gates.

“They came over and stood on the side of the pitch and one of them just had the ref from behind and the ref’s legs went right up behind him. I thought he had snapped his knees.

“The ref squealed understandably and the guy just ran off to the side of the pitch. It was quite an intimidating experience as there were kids and families around.”

He said the two men, not believed to be attached to either club, left in a car that was waiting for them outside the gates.

The referee was unable to continue with the match and the game was subsequently abandoned.