Aruna Quadri Joins German Bundesliga Club

Aruna Quadri has signed for top German Bundesliga Table Tennis club TTC RhönSprudel Maberzell Fulda.

The world number 18 and Africa’s top ranked player was unveiled on Monday by club President Stefan Frauenholz and members of the top management.

Quadri is expected to join the topflight club which is based in the central part of Germany at the start of the new Bundesliga season in September.

According to the President of TTC RhönSprudel Maberzell Fulda Stefan Frauenholz, the decision to sign Quadri was based on the team’s conviction that the Nigerian has a lot to offer based on his global exploits.

“We are so lucky to sign Aruna Quadri because he is such a good player with excellent results. This is a family club and we believe his passion and interest tally with the ideals of the club. We are so happy to unveil him today and we hope he can bring his wealth of experience to help the team next season,” Frauenholz said.

An excited Quadri said he was happy fulfilling his dream of playing in the German Bundesliga having spent over 10 years playing in the Portuguese league with several laurels to show for his efforts.

“I am happy joining this team and I see that it is a family club with good ideals and for me, I am going to give my 100 percent to the team. I look forward to having a good experience playing against the best in the Bundesliga to continue to improve my career,” the Rio 2016 Olympic quarterfinalist said.

Chairman of WEOAllSports, facilitators of the deal, Wahid Oshodi, said Quadri’s move to one of Germany’s top clubs is a confirmation of his work ethic and commitment to his trade.

“We are so excited that teams across Europe appreciate the progress Quadri has made over the years. He is now one of the best players in the world and we hope this move will give him the opportunity to improve his skills and continue to improve his global rating,” Oshodi said.

“The Bundesliga has the best players in the world and Quadri will feel at home there. Aruna Quadri is such an amazing player who is very popular among the Germans and we are not surprised that some of the best teams in the world wanted him. We hope this will serve as an inspiration for the younger Nigerian players,” he added.

Quadri’s sojourn to Europe commenced in 2010 and he has played for several clubs in Portugal including current team Sporting Lisbon where he has won several medals and led the club to the semifinals of the ETTU Champions League.

At Sporting, he has been unbeaten for the last five years and has won back-to-back league titles with the club.