Marketing Executive Reveals Extent Of Corruption In Football During Trial

Traffic Group SA founder, Jose Hawilla, has opened up on the extent of corruption in the football industry after he testified on Monday that his counterparts from competitors-turned-collaborators Torneos y Competencias SA and Full Play Group had no choice but to resign to what they saw as the reality of bribing South American football federation chiefs that they referred to as “part of our business” during conversations.

The sports marketing guru had earlier agreed with government officials to secretly record conversations with his counterparts. He then talked about the state of corruption in his testimony on Monday.

In his words, Hawilla said: “They often wired such payments through offshore companies, masking them with vague descriptions as payments for “consulting” or other “services.”

Jose Hawilla is presently facing charges for obstruction of justice after federal agents arrested him at a Miami hotel in May 2013.

He has already pleaded guilty in 2014 and is awaiting his sentence.

The 74-year-old testified on Monday while breathing through an oxygen tank as he appeared to be struggling with his health.

Former football chiefs namely Juan Angel Napout, a former president of CONMEBOL, Manuel Burga, former president of the Peruvian soccer federation, and Jose Maria Marin, former president of the Brazilian soccer federation are currently on trial and Hawilla has been testifying against them.