Major Sporting Events To Look Out For In 2024

It’s the first few months of the year. While some people are journaling significant dates, sport enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating a plethora of events to keep the spirit of sportsmanship alive throughout the year.

Fortunately, this year came with an impressive number of events that cut across all sport niches. So, whether you’re a football, basketball, table tennis or weightlifting fan, there’s something for you. Here are some of the major events this year.

14 Major Sporting Events In 2024

1.   Africa Cup of Nations (13 January-11 February)- Football: Ivory Coast

Hosted in Ivory Coast, This sporting event is currently ongoing. It was initially planned for the Northern Hemisphere’s summer, but was postponed to January-February 2024 due to weather concerns in Ivory Coast.

It features national teams from across the African continent competing for the prestigious title. It’s a showcase of African football talent and a celebration of the

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