Karius Suffered Concussion During UCL Final, Doctors Reveal

Liverpool goalkeeper Loris Karius suffered concussion during their UEFA Champions League (UCL) clash with holders Real Madrid on Saturday, May 26.

Karius was at fault for the first and third goal as the Reds lost 3-1 to the Spanish La Liga giants.

The former Mainz 05 was tested at hospitals in Boston in the United States, and medics thereafter revealed that the impact of the concussion was “likely” to have been felt immediately.

Loris Karius had a collision with Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos at the start of the second half when scores was still goalless though doctors didn’t reveal the moment he suffered concussion during the game.

According to Dr. Ross Zafonte, it was “possible” the injury “would affect performance” and he came to this conclusion after reviewing “game film”, a “physical examination” and “objective metrics”.

He also said that Karius had suffered from “visual spatial dysfunction”, which is a process that hampers an individual’s ability to process visual information about where objects are in space.

Dr. Zafonte disclosed that it was “likely” that would have happened immediately after the event that led to the concussion.

After the game, Karius, who said he was infinitely sorry, received death threats and that led to a police investigation.

The Reds goalkeeper was assessed at both the Massachusetts General Hospital and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital while he was on holiday in the US.

he has however shown “significant and steady improvement since the concussive event”.

“We expect him to make a full recovery based on the results of the examination,” Dr. Zafonte added.