Jurgen Klopp Loses Mother But Won’t Attend Her Funeral

Elisabeth, the mother of Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has died at the age of 81 but the Anfield boss will not be able to attend her funeral because of Covid-19 travel restrictions.

Travel restriction means Klopp who lives with his family in Liverpool is prohibited from travelling to his home country because of fears of spreading variants of the coronavirus.

Speaking to the Schwarzwalder Bote newspaper, Klopp paid tribute to his mother, saying ‘she meant everything to me’ and that a ‘wonderful commemoration’ will be planned when travel opens up again.

The 53-year-old said: ”She meant everything to me. She was a real mum in the best sense of the world. As a devout Christian, I know she is in a better place now.”

Elisabeth Klopp has died aged 81.

He last visited Elisabeth in Germany for her 80th birthday but restrictions on travel imposed by the German authorities mean he won’t be able to attend the funeral in person.

”The fact that I can’t be at the funeral is due to the terrible times,’ Klopp added. ‘As soon as the circumstances allow, we will hold a wonderful commemoration that is appropriate to it.”

Jurgen, who was born in 1967, is the youngest of three children to come from the marriage of Elisabeth Reich and Norbert Klopp in 1960. Stefanie was born in 1960 and Isolde in 1962.

Norbert died in 2000 following a short illness at the age of 66.