Hollywoodbets Registration: How I registered my new Hollywoodbets SA betting account

This article is the personal experience of Indran Naidoo over the first 10 days of registering on Hollywoodbets. This bookmaker is the largest and most popular in the country and it’s easy to see why as there are great bonuses and innovative features from the moment you sign up. I will take you through the entire process of Hollywoodbets  registration all the way to depositing and placing a bet. 

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How I signed up with Hollywoodbets SA in 4 easy steps

Hollywoodbets has one of the easiest sign up processes and took just a few minutes for me to become a player on the site. These were the simple steps to follow to Sign Up with Hollywoodbets  

Visit  the Hollywoodbets home page and click on the Green register button on the top right of the page. 


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