AUDIO: Aisha Falode Tells NWPL Potential Sponsors, “Get The Women, Get The Family”

Chairperson of the Nigeria Women Football League board, Aisha Falode, is hopeful that by next season there would be sponsorship deals in place for the Nigeria Women Premier League.

It has been the craving of stakeholders and fans of women’s football in the country and it will definitely come as a big relief considering the financial burden clubs have had to endure so that they can prosecute matches in the league.

After taking over the leadership of the board, Falode made clear their intention to make the league more attractive and now she believes that “opportunities in the women’s game” have become visible.

“When you have new innovations, the issue of compliance becomes difficult. Once we were able to explain to them (the clubs) what the vision was, it was easy for them to comply,” said the member of the CAF Media Committee and CAF Match Commissioner.

“And as from next season we just hope that now that we have been able to put everything together as a package, the brands will begin to see that indeed there are opportunities in the women’s game.

“The asset which the women bring to the brand which is an invaluable asset that once you get the women you have the family and the family is the core of our motto for women’s football now.”

The 2016/17 Nigeria Women Premier League will come to an end at the Super Four Championships scheduled for 11-16 September 2017 in Benin City, Edo State.