Eagles Disorganisation Has The Effect Of Disorganising You – Mascherano

Argentina vice-captain Javier Mascherano has disclosed that the Super Eagles of Nigeria are a tough team to face.

The Hebei China Fortune midfielder further revealed that the Eagles disorganisation has a way of disorganising rivals.

He was speaking about his team’s Group D opponents (Nigeria, Croatia and Iceland) with The Guardian on Sunday ahead of the forthcoming World Cup in Russia.

In his words, Mascherano said: “And Nigeria are quite well known to us, we’ve always met in the last World Cups. They’re tough, not just because of their physical power, but because their disorganisation has the effect of disorganising you as a rival. And that’s when teams like ours suffer the most – in disorder.

“Iceland are a new team in the sense that they maybe don’t have a long football tradition but they’re a generation of players that have made history recently, with spectacular success at Euro 16, and qualifying ahead of Croatia.

“Croatia are a first-class side with top players, especially in the midfield, such as Modric, Brozovic, Kovacic, Rakitic … Perisic; a team to watch out, quality squad.” He concluded.