Deontay Wilder Promises To Do More Damage To Reopen Tyson Fury’s Cuts When They Clash In February

Deontay Wilder says the cuts sustained by Tyson Fury during his win over Otto Wallin were two of the worst he’s ever seen and vowed to do him more damage in their rematch, according to Sportsdaily.

Fury suffered a cut in the third round of Saturday’s contest in Las Vegas, which opened up a wound on his eyelid, before picking up a second cut on his eyebrow later on in the bout.

The 31-year-old was fortunate the fight wasn’t stopped by the ringside doctor as blood poured from his wounds throughout the 12 rounds, as he held on to secure a convincing points win.

Since the fight, Fury has required scores of stitches to close both cuts and could need plastic surgery to ensure a full recovery, leading to fears his proposed rematch with Wilder in February could be delayed.

Wilder watched Fury’s fight and offered no sympathy to his rival, instead promising to cause him significant damage and reopen his wounds when the pair meet again.

“He’s very vulnerable. When he gets hit on the chin, it’s a wrap,” he told Thaboxingvoice.

“Otto Wallin was doing a great job up to that point, especially when he cut him over the eye. I was telling, I thought he was going to get a stoppage. It looked like it was three inches wide and two inches deep.

“That’s the worst cut besides the Klitschko and Lennox fight. That was the worst cut I’ve seen in my life.”

Fury and Wilder’s first fight in December 2018 ended in a draw at the end of a thrilling contest which saw the ‘Bronze Bomber’ knock the ‘Gypsy King’ down twice.

Fury showed incredible fortitude to rise from the canvas on both occasions, particularly in the 12th round when it appeared he had been knocked out before rising to his feet and dominating the rest of the stanza.

A rematch between the pair has at last been scheduled for February 22nd and Wilder says even the best surgeons in the world won’t be able to stop him from causing the heavyweight more damage.

“I can’t wait. I hope they heal well, and I can’t wait to see Mr Fury.

“That’s not my problem if he’s ready or not. He signed the contract. That’s his problem. He better get ready.

“No matter what he does, when he fights me, it’s [the cut] is going to open right back up.

“I’m going to pop it right back open. He can get plastic surgery, duck tape or staples, Super Glu or Hot Glu, Cement Glu. S***, he can go get some of that Flex Glu. It ain’t even going to matter.”