Brazilian Model Who Accused Neymar Of Rape Charged For Fraud

A Brazilian model who accused football star Neymar of rape has been charged with fraud and extortion.

Najila Trindade filed a rape complaint with Sao Paulo police upon her return from a trip to Paris in May in which she said she was assaulted by the Paris St-Germain star following a pre-arranged meeting.

A judge dismissed the case in August, citing insufficient evidence.

After the news, Neymar said: “I’ll be sincere and I’m not going to say I’m happy, but yes, relieved.” in an Instagram post.

But on Tuesday, Sao Paulo police said they indicted the model for procedural fraud, slanderous denunciation, and extortion.

Her former partner Estivens Alves is also accused of disclosing erotic content, which was then published online.

A final decision on whether to prosecute Trindade will be left to a judge.

Neymar always vehemently denied allegations he raped Brazilian Najila Trindade, who cited as evidence a video of her confronting the star after the attack.

The scandal blew up on June 2 when Neymar published a seven-minute video on Instagram, where he had first been in contact with Trindade, revealing that he had been accused of rape.

In an attempt to defend himself against the allegations, Neymar’s video was accompanied by WhatsApp messages and images of his encounter with Trindade – without her consent, possibly breaking Brazilian law.

The drama quickly snowballed. Extracts of a televised interview with Trindade, in which she accused Neymar of ‘aggression together with rape,’ aired just one hour before he was about to play for Brazil in a pre-Copa friendly against Qatar.

But prosecutors officially closed the investigation against Neymar earlier this month, citing a lack of evidence against him.

Neymar said he would “never forget” this incident due to the “PAIN it caused me, my family and the people who really know me.”

He added: “This scar will remain to remind me at what point people are capable of doing good things, but also of doing BAD things.”

The case complicated an already tumultuous year for the 27-year-old Brazil star, who has yet to play for his club Paris Saint-Germain this season following injury and reports of an aborted return to previous club Barcelona.