Atalanta Fans Donate 40,000 Euros To Coronavirus Patients

Atalanta’s travelling supporters have donated €40,000 for the treatment of coronavirus patients after they were halted from travelling to Valencia for their last-16 second-leg in Spain due to the spread of the virus.

The match is to take place behind closed doors and all sporting activity in Italy has been halted until early April, with northern Italy in lockdown with limited access.

There have been over 114,000 reported cases of coronavirus while more than 4,000 people have died. Italy is the worst affected country outside of China.

Atalanta’s Curva Nord ultras group revealed the money that would have been spent on a trip to Spain has now been given to hospitals in a bid to help serve those infected with the deadly virus.

‘This evening was meant to be one of the most beautiful nights of our history, instead this emergency situation puts everything into the background,’ read a statement from the group.

‘At this time, in our city and our province, there are heroes who are facing this moment, working with insufficient funds and back-breaking hours to ensure everyone’s health.

‘This is why we have decided to donate to the Bergamo Hospital the full sum of the tickets from the away section for tonight’s game, so will provide the €40,000 cheque over the next few days.’