Antonio Conte Finally Speaks; Why We Lost To Roma

Chelsea manager, Antonio Conte has given reasons his team suffered their first Champions League defeat this season.

Chelsea was handed a shocking 3-0 defeat in a Group C encounter against Roma on Tuesday night in Rome.

Addressing reporters after the game, Conte lamented lack of the will to fight back by his players.

He said,“It was a really bad performance. Roma showed more will to fight and more desire to win the game. I’m very disappointed with our second half. For this performance, we all have to take responsibility. When you concede three goals, you must be worried. It means something doesn’t work. It’s very difficult now, but we have to analyse the game. We need to work on the tactical aspect. We are working less on this aspect this season. We have to look at ourselves. Tonight was a bad night for us. I only want one night like this and we must work together this week. What I’m most disappointed about was the performance in the second half.”

He continued “Roma had more hunger, more desire, more fight to beat us and clearly deserved this win. “We have to try to find the strength to understand and to use this loss in the right way. In this season we have to dig very deep, if we want to be competitive and to fight for something important. If we are not ready to dig deep, we can have this type of game again. We have to find the hunger we showed all last season and, this season, only sometimes. But this season has been up and down. If you are a great team you must have stability. You must have consistency. At this moment we are struggling a lot to find this type of balance.”

“Last season we showed great hunger, great will to do something important. We won the league and did a miracle. But if we want to be competitive this season we have to avoid these ups and downs. A great team must have stability and great desire to be protagonists in every game.”