Who Are The Three Best Football Players In The World? Determining Criteria

In the world of football, there are hundreds of talented and excellent players, but determining the three best players is a difficult task. Nominations for this title are often debated and vary over time. However, there are three players who have made a profound mark in the history of world football and are often seen as strong contenders for this title: Pelé, Diego Maradona, and Lionel Messi. Let’s delve deeper into these great players and the reasons they are considered the three best players in the world with Xoilac


Criteria for determining the three best football players

Determining the three best football players in the world is a complex and relative task, thus, a series of criteria need to be considered to make an objective and thoughtful decision.

Achievements and success in individual and team careers

One of the most important criteria for determining the three best football players

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