Rasheedat Ajibade Reacts To Waldrum’s Super Falcons Appointment, Opens Up About RASH Brand (AUDIO)

Super Falcons forward Rasheedat Ajibade has hailed the appointment of American, Randy Waldrum as the team’s new coach.

Speaking on Comfort Breakfast Fiesta sports this morning, the Avaldnes of Norway star said she hopes the team will achieve great heights under his tenure as coach.

“Its been a long time since Thomas Dennerby left, so, it is good news to me and its actually not a problem for me,” she said.

“Like I usually say, whatever coach that is appointed for the Super Falcons, my own obligation or duty is to play as much as I’m invited.

“If I’m opportune to be invited, mine is just for me to play, do my best, represent myself, the nation and my family well.

“So, it is a good thing for us and we know we are heading somewhere. Before, we didn’t know what was happening, no coach, nothing. But now, we have coach, so let’s be looking forward and let’s be hoping that we’ll see the best in women’s football this time.”

The 20 year old former FC Robo player also spoke about her project to support grassroot footballers in the country with proceeds of from her recently launched brand called RASH.

“The RASH brand has come to stay and there are a lot of ideas behind the brand but at the moment we launched the brand because as a player and an athlete you need to have an identity and it is always good when you push the identity when you’re still playing,” she said.

It’s not until you become like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi before you think of having your own because at the same time there’s life outside football.

So, the idea behind the RASH brand is for us to support grassroots football and to encourage young players and also everybody who has talent to standout in everything they are doing.

As an athlete you have to standout and let everybody know how you differentiate yourself from the crowd because everybody knows how to play football but something will make you unique and single you out among your peers.

So that is what the RASH brand is about.

Ajibade is expected to be an integral part of coach Randy Waldrum’s Falcons squad, as the former Trinidad and Tobago coach constructs his team ahead of continental qualifiers.