PUMA And LaLiga Unveil Official Matchballs For 2020/21 Season

Sports company PUMA and LaLiga today unveiled the official match footballs to be used for all LaLiga Santander and LaLiga SmartBank for the 2020/21 season.

The football comes in two iterations; the Accelerate, which will be the primary ball for the season in traditional white , and the Adrenalina, in lemon tonic fluo yellow, which will be used for “El Clásico”, “Derbies” and other decisive fixtures.

LaLiga is extraordinary; it triggers feelings and emotions like no other. The fans feel every touch, every pass, every goal. It invigorates them and gets them on the edge of their seats in every match.

To capture and amplify these incredible moments and following the motto created by PUMA, the ball is the heart of LaLiga. The ball accelerates the fans heartbeats with the action on the pitch and produces adrenaline in their bodies as their passion flows through their veins. This isn’t just football, this is LaLiga.

Football is constantly evolving, being played at an incredible level; the skill, the technique and the talent forever growing. This season the HEART of LaLiga will beat faster than ever as the passion and raw emotion LaLiga creates will take the game to the next level.

The Accelerate match ball will be utilized for the majority of LaLiga fixtures. The ball is designed to adapt to the precise and fast paced action of LaLiga and is symbolic of how the games accelerate the fans heart rates.

The Accelerate is a traditional white ball featuring the colors of the LaLiga logo integrated into the design with custom acceleration graphics to showcase the explosive speed of the ball when moving.

The Adrenalina match ball, in an eye-catching lemon tonic fluo yellow, has been constructed for the special occasions and made for the extraordinary moments. This ball will be used for “El Clásico”, Derbies and decisive matches throughout the 2020/21 season.

The Adrenalina design features electrifying patterns symbolizing the nerves in the body to reflect the heartbeat increasing and the body producing adrenaline in the players on the pitch and the fans in the stands.

Both the Accelerate and Adrenalina are FIFA quality approved, guaranteeing the highest level of performance. A state-of-the-art design, incorporating the latest technologies developed by the brand.

The footballs are high frequency molded for excellent shape retention, durability and reduced water absorption. A unique 8 panel configuration reduces the number of seams resulting in larger panels for better connection with the ball. A 3D textural 1.2mm PU surface is integrated for improved aerodynamics, and increased resistance to abrasion and wear, resulting in greater durability.

A newly developed POE foam has been added to improve touch by increasing sensitivity, providing a firmer touch, improved rebound consistency and explosive power. Both color combinations offer excellent visibility of trajectory and explosive speed.

LaLiga is abundant with thrilling players renown for accelerating the heart rates and emotions of the fans. Antoine Griezmann, Jan Oblak, Luis Suárez, Marc Bartra, Nolito and Nacho Monreal, together with rest of LaLiga’s players, they prepare to exhilarate in what promises to be a special season.

Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/5tcZKEooM78

The official 2020/21 LaLiga Accelerate and Adrenalina footballs are available from August 6th on PUMA.com and at select retailers worldwide.