NFF Reveals Breakdown Of $2,000,000 Covid-19 Relief Funds For Leagues, Clubs And National Teams

The Nigeria Football Federation will distribute a total of two million dollars Covid-19 relief funds to all sectors of the Nigerian football ecosystem.

The Executive Committee of the NFF approved a schedule of payments and released a breakdown of beneficiaries among other decisions reached after a virtual meeting held on Monday and after consultations with the Ministry of Sports.

The total sum which will be distributed in two tranches is made up of $1,500,000 FIFA support fund for operational support with $500,0000 of the sum solely dedicated to women’s football.

The Federation also received $300,000 from CAF while sponsors Nike and Coca-Cola weighed in with $100,000 each.

While the funds have been sourced in US dollars, the NFF say the disbursement will be made in naira with the exchange rate pegged at the CBN approved N386 bringing the total to seven hundred and seventy-two million naira only (772,000,000.00).

According to the breakdown released by the NFF, women football will receive only $500,000 (N193,000) and none of the sponsors’ or CAF funds while $1,500,000 (N579,000,000) will be distributed across men’s football.

This appears to fly in the face of a FIFA stipulation that at least half of all funds from the world governing body be allocated to women’s football.

The funds to be distributed will cover various professional and amateur football clubs, and governing bodies of the various leagues to aid preparations ahead of the 2020/2021 League Season which has been tentatively set for between September and October.

The LMC, however, opted not to receive any funds to increase the pool available to the 20 NPFL clubs.

There are also provisions for the various national teams and support for professional players and coaches unions as well as referees, sportswriters and supporters clubs.

According to the breakdown released by the NFF, the Super Falcons will get $100,000 (N38,600,000) while the U17 and U20 women’s team will receive $70,000.00 (N27,020,000).

All sixteen NWFL Premiership Clubs will get $10,000 (N3,860,000) each totalling $160,000 (N61,760,000); the fourteen NWPL Championship
Clubs will get $4,000 each (N1,544,000) totalling $56,000.00 (N21,616,000).

Other provisions for women’s football include support to NWFL for League Admin and Operations $30,000 (N11,580,000); Support to 12 NWFL Amateur Clubs at $1,500 each (N579,000) totalling $18,000 (N6,948,000); women’s coaching $10,000 (N3,386,000); women’s refereeing $10,000 (N3,386,000).

The Super Eagles will receive $200,000 (N77,200,000) while $125,000 (N48,250,000) has been earmarked for the youth teams and $30,000 (N11,580,000) will go to the NFF Football Foundation.

All twenty clubs of the men’s top tier Nigeria Professional Football League will get $15,000 each (N5,790,000) totalling $300,000 (N155,800,000); the 42 clubs in the Nigeria National League will each get $5,000 (N1,930,000) totalling $210,000 (N81,060,000); 306 amateur clubs in the Nationwide League will receive a total of $130,000 (N50,180,000).

There are also provisions for administration and operations for the NNL $50,000 (19,300,000); the NLO $30,000 (N11,580,000); State FAs will receive $5,000 (N1,930,000) each totalling $185,000 (N71,410,000) for all 36 states and the FCT.

Referees Association will get $20,000 (7,720,000) for operations while another $60,000 (N23,160,000) has been earmarked for referee’s development.

The Professional Players Union will get $50,000 (N19,300,000); Coaches Association $20,000 (N7,720,000); Supporters Club $25,000 (N9,650,000); Mascots $5,000 (N1,930,000); Sports Writers Association of Nigeria $30,000 (N11,580,000).