Other Nations Prepared Ahead, Nigeria “Rushed Down” To The World Championships – AFN VP

The Vice President of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Olamide George has declared that Team Nigeria “rushed down” without adequate preparation, to the just concluded World Athletics Championships in London.

Speaking exclusively to Athletics Africa, Olumide George explained the various problems and challenges plaguing athletics in Nigeria and how the present AFN board plans to tackle them.

Olumide George said: “The problem we have with visa, it’s not just easy, all other countries have arrived the competition venue weeks before the competition,”

“Before the competition, IAAF have sent letters across to every consulate that needs to get information about athletes coming for the Championships,”

“I think it is the duty of the embassies to be responsive, we can’t blame Nigerian government for that.”

Team Nigeria returned home from London without any medal, meaning Nigeria have failed to win a medal in eight of the last nine World Championships, a disappointing return for the most populous African nation.

“As a nation, we can’t deny one fact that we have some real issues, by the grace of God we would get back home and address these issues,”

“Nigerians have to be patient with us, we inherited this [problem], it is a known fact, we are setting up some structures in place immediately we get home,”

“We have to rush down to partake in this competition, we had our swearing in not too long, we had to start putting in place necessary things when other Federations have settled down to prepare ahead.” Olumide George added.