MTN Champs Ibadan Closes Out With Unforgettable Moments: Check Out Our Top Highlights

The curtains have closed on MTN Champs Ibadan Season 2, leaving behind a series of awe-inspiring moments and triumphs that will not be forgotten anytime soon. Over five days, the event served as a testament to athleticism, unwavering determination and the hard work it takes to make it to the Olympics. While every race was exciting, here are our top five highlights:

Men’s 400m relay race:

It was really the battle of the fastest. However, the spotlight fell on Sewekan Thovoetin, who etched his name in the records with a personal best of 47.53 seconds, narrowly edging out Ajayi Kehinde, who clocked in at 47.65 seconds.

The men’s race also witnessed Continental Team B emerging triumphant, clocking in at an impressive 41.43 seconds, with a winning quartet comprising Obashola Olaoluwa, John Caleb, Ganiyu Hassan, and Hinwa Vignimou Gaston. Hot on their heels was the Continental Team A,

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