LIS Founder Tega Onojaife Makes Case For Increased Commercial Investment In Women’s Sports (VIDEO)

From advertising agencies, to printing companies, food and beverage suppliers, audiovisual professionals, sports goods suppliers, all the way to the cleaning crews involved, sport and sport events are contributing in developing the socio economic wheel of the country.

The Covid 19 pandemic has forced every industry to reshape and restrategise inorder to survive and grow and the sports industry is not left out.

After watching events play out as the sports industry started to open up again, the Ladies in Sports International is calling for more attention and investment to be given to Women’s sport.

In the words of Founder Tega Onojaife, it is not another gender debate but a call simply to improve and expand sports business.

“Sport development creates job opportunities, such as: Managers,Administrators, journalists & commentators, Engineers & developers, Coaches & Sport DoctorsProducers and retailers of sports goods etc. And we are only doing the barest minimum with Men’s sport. Imagine how much more we can do if we also developed women’s sport the same way”. She said.

The Ladies in Sports International vows to continue to use their platform to push for women’s sport development and growth in the society.