Joshua Stops Takam In 10th Round To Retain World Titles.

British boxer Anthony Joshua has retained his WBA and IBF world heavyweight titles after he stopped challenger Carlos Takam in the 10th round in controversial fashion at a raucous Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

The 28-year old didn’t have things all his own way as he suffered a broken nose after a heavy head collision in the second round before dropping Takam and damaging his eye in the fourth round.

Ringside medics inspected Carlos Takam on two separate occasions but he battle on before being overwhelmed in the tenth round prompting referee Phil Edwards to stop the fight much to the frustration of the Cameroonian boxer.

The referee’s decision to end the contest was booed by a section of the fans at the match venue.

Speaking after his win, Anthony Joshua reacted to the decision to stop the bout by revealing that he was not part of the decision-making.

AJ as he is popularly called said:

“I come to fight, I don’t sit on the edge and make decisions.”

“It was a good fight until the ref stopped it, so I have the utmost respect for Takam.

“I have no interest in what is going on with the officials, that’s not my job. I think people want to see Takam unconscious on the floor, and that’s what I was trying to get to.” he added.

On the broken nose he suffered, he said:

“I had to keep my cool.”

“I’ve got a few months to heal it up. I’ll go and see some good doctors to crack it back in place.

“If I showed any signs of weakness, the ref could have jumped in. That’s what he (Takam) tried to do, but the ref stopped it.” he concluded.

The aggrieved Takam has immediately asked for a rematch while giving his take on the boxing match.he said:

“I want a rematch, I made my preparations with 12 days to fight Anthony. I want to box him again. I want him, he is a great champion.”