Gambling In The Czech Republic: Current State Of Sports Betting And Online Casino

Not many European countries like the Czech Republic have set laws to regulate gambling. This market has been active since the time of the Soviet Union, although it was an illegal venture. However, the country’s independence set the ground for a standard, regulated market that now draws international casino operators and bookmakers.


The rising number of top betting sites results from the 2012 Gambling Act. While players can access multiple platforms with varying games, this attracts unlicensed and unsafe operators. Fortunately, reviews on top Online Casinos CZ sites now offer guidance on how to select a secured platform. They also describe popular bonus offers, which accurately show the market’s stability. This article discusses the current state of online casino gaming and sports betting across the Czech Republic.

Sports Betting

Sports betting has enjoyed huge patronage in Czechia since the new Gambling Act was introduced in 2012. The statistics indicate

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