Finidi George – Shepherding A New Era!  –Odegbami

To succeed in sports and to become a champion, as in life generally, is hardly ever a tea party. It is never easy. It takes discovering talent early, hard work, patience, perseverance, plenty of time to train and practice, discipline, commitment, focus, failures and disappointments, plenty of luck, and a good guide.

The surer and ‘easier’ path to become a champion is to be led by a guide that has been a champion.

That’s why I join in the ongoing celebration of a new coach for Nigeria’s Super Eagles. It is great news.

Some ‘local’ sense has also been applied in appointing a deserving Nigerian. The Super Eagles have been without a manager several months after the last Oyinbo manager left Nigeria for good and, hopefully, forever.

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Before then, my worry was always when the

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