FIFA Open Investigation Into Xhaka, Shaqiri Goal Celebrations

World football’s governing body, FIFA, has opened investigation into the goal celebrations of the England-based Switzerland duo of Granit Xhaka and Xerdan Shaqiri during the 2-1 win over Serbia in a Russia 2018 World Cup Group E clash.

Newcastle United striker Aleksandr Mitrovic had given the Serbians an early lead before Xhaka equalised with a long range effort just after the halftime and went on to celebrate by making an eagle gesture in what’s a symbol of the two-headed eagle on the Albanian flag.

Stoke City star Shaqiri also made the same gesture when he struck a late winner to give his team a priceless victory.

Arsenal midfielder Xhaka and Shaqiri are ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, where a Serbian clampdown on the Albanian population only stopped with the help of the Nato military in 1999.

Both players were booed by the Serbian fans during the game.

In a statement confirming the investigation, FIFA said: “In relation to the same match, disciplinary proceedings have been opened against the Serbian FA for crowd disturbance and the display of political and offensive messages by Serbian fans.”

“Furthermore, a preliminary investigation has been opened against the coach of the Serbian national team, Mladen Krstajic, for alleged statements made in the aftermath of the said match.” The statement added.

According to the statement, investigation has been opened over the alleged comments made by Serbia coach Mladen Krstajic about the centre referee for the aforementioned game, Felix Brych of Germany.

Krstajic, while speaking with reporters about Brych after the game said: “I wouldn’t give him either a yellow or red card, I would send him to The Hague. Then they could put him on trial, like they did to us.”