EPL: It Will Be Exciting –McTominay Speaks Ahead Man United Vs Tottenham

Manchester United midfielder Scott McTominay says the team should expect an exciting encounter as the Red Devils face Tottenham in today’s Premier League game at Old Trafford.

McTominay, who has found the back of the net for Man United in several games, told ICS in a interview that the team can hurt Tottenham where it matters.

“[They are] a good team who are well-organised and play a little bit different to maybe some other teams in the league, and it’s a little bit more unorthodox with a high line,” McTominay told ICS.

“It’s going to be an exciting game and you see a similar scenario against Aston Villa whenever they played in such a high line.

“The game can be quite open and it’s up to us to close it, but also to be consistent in the way that we approach it by moving the ball

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