Plateau United Feeders Demolish Opponent 79-0

Plateau United Feeders defeated Akurba United with an outrageous 79-0 scoreline in the Nationwide League One (NLO), the lowest tier of football in Nigeria, while Police Machine FC of Yola defeated Bubayero FC of Gombe 67-0.

According to the official Twitter account of the NLO, the sides involved manipulated the results to enhance their chances of promotion to the Nationwide League Division 3.

However, steps have been taken by the regulatory body to ban the affected club, players and officials.

A similar incident happened in 2013 and the league body have immediately nipped the situation to avoid escalation.

Speaking about the 2013 incident the COO said, “We are mindful of the sad incident that happened in Bauchi in 2013 involving four clubs and their players with the connivance of match officials that made Nigeria football a laughing stock all over the world and the subsequent punishment meted on all the culprits.”

The body dished out sanctions to the clubs that manipulated the results and banned them for life.

The statement on their Twitter account said, “All the players, clubs officials and match officials that participated in the matches involving Akurba United FC, Lafia, Bubayero FC, Gombe, Plateau United Feeders & Police Machine FC of Yola at the 2013 edition were banned for life for their shameful acts of match manipulations.”

The Nationwide League Division 3 will take place across eight centres Damaturu, Lokoja, Ilorin Oshogbo, Katsina, Sokoto, Edo, and Abakaliki.

The Division 3 Playoff will begin on Monday, November 12, till Saturday, November 17, 2018.