Black Lives Matter: Whites Must Apologise To Blacks – Guardiola

Pep Guardiola has added his voice in support of the Black Lives Matter movement for racial equality.

Guardiola speaking after Manchester City’s 3-0 thrashing of Arsenal at the Etihad on the first day of Project Restart, said he was “ashamed” about the treatment black people have endured for centuries and called on white people to apologise.

The movement to highlight the unequal treatment of blacks and other minorities have gained prominence in the wake of the death of George Floyd at the hands of a policeman in the US.
Floyd’s death sparked a global movement that has also seen sports stars speak out and the Premier League use its platform to give prominence to the issue.

Both games on the first day of the league’s resumption saw all players and staff take a knee at Villa Park and the Etihad and the words ‘Black Lives Matter’ replaced players’ names on the back of their shirts.

While he welcomed the Premier League’s stance and solidarity showed by players and staff, Guardiola believes more action is needed and says white people must acknowledge and apologise for mistreating black people.

“Whites should apologize for the way we have treated blacks for 400 years. I am ashamed of what whites have done,” said the Catalan coach. 

“All gestures are good and positive. We have to do much more for blacks than we have done so far.”

Guardiola is no stranger to speaking out on social issues having been vocal in the support of Catalonia’s independence movement and wearing a yellow ribbon in protest at the jailing and prosecution of the movement’s leaders.