Wrestling: Hannah Reuben Wants “To Do More” After Bagging 2nd African Wrestling Gold

Hannah Reuben wants to do more after winning her second African Wrestling gold medal at the just concluded championships at Algiers.

Nigeria finished second on the medals’ table of the two-day championship which ended on Sunday.

“Honestly I must say that I am very happy that I was able to win the gold medal and start has added complete joy to me,” Reuben happily said.

“I believe that winning that gold medal really got me to understand that I can do more and this second gold medal has made me 2-time African champion. So I’m very happy,” she added.

Reuben revealed the tedious path she took before claiming gold at Algiers.

“First of all was discipline. Discipline in the sense that fighting a lesser class I was wrestling 67 from 67 to 69 and now fighting 65 I saw a lot of discipline was involved and still will be involved and I had to do with a lot of dedication.

“I’m schooling, immediately I heard about this tournament I had to move to Bayelsa state to train, dedicate more time understanding that I am not just going for that tournament for going sake but to come out victoriously. So it was dedication, discipline and passion towards what I’m known to do best,” She explained.