What Ivan Gazidis Said About AC Milan’s “Big Name” Signing Policy

Ivan Gazidis has asserted that the days of Milan splashing out on big names are over. “There have already been enough illusions and lies.”

Elliott Management took control of Milan last summer after Li Yonghong defaulted on the loan he borrowed from the hedge fund to buy the club, with Gazidis brought in as CEO shortly after.

“Elliott’s vision is clear: to take away the financial burden from Milan and put them back in the right direction, letting them grow and making them a modern club,” Gazidis said in a sit down with to Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Elliott never set a time limit, we don’t have a deadline and I won’t make promises to shorten the length of time it’ll take.

“Anyone looking for a magician who snaps his fingers, opens taps full of money and resolves everything won’t find it here.

“There have already been enough illusions and lies. The story of unfulfilled beautiful promises is over.”

The former Arsenal boss then went further to outline the strategy the club will explore in order to get them out of their current state.

“We’re at Milan to give them a future at the top, with a serious, realistic path. It doesn’t mean we can’t dream. It means working hard to make those dreams come true. There are three fundamental points:

“1) Economic reorganisation, with the ability to generate profits and reinvest them;

“2) Increasing the quality of the team, bringing them back to the top of Italian and European football;

“3) Finding the right solutions for the stadium. Whether it’s San Siro or a new stadium, the world will have to envy it.

“I firmly believe in this project, we have a long and stimulating game to play and I’m sure we will win it.”

The former MLS commissioner was then asked about the Rossoneri’s approach to the transfer market, given their current financial constraints.

“We have great challenges ahead of us, as well as the desire to always play in Europe, but in compliance with the Financial Fair Play and existing parameters.

“Skipping the rules, looking for an unlikely ‘all in’ as if we were at a poker table isn’t only risky but also wrong because behind an alleged enjoyment of the moment is the abyss.

“Our objective for the next few seasons is to grow in compliance with FFP and bring in quality players who can grow with the club, showing their value and becoming a source of pride for fans.

“We won’t buy young talents just to sell them, but so that they stay and write Milan’s future history.

“There will be the right balance between quality young players and those with leadership and experience.

“But our strategy isn’t to invest in top players or those who have already been, but rather in those who can become top players with our jersey.

“We won’t burn cash for just one season in the present. We want to build for the future with a generation of strong players who can grow quickly with the club, who have enthusiasm and are ready for the challenge.”