Volleyball: NVBF Technical Director Strikes Down Double Screening Rumours

Technical Director of the Nigeria Volleyball Federation, Martins Melandi has debunked rumours of multiple screenings taking place at the national U18 girls and U19 boys championship in Kaduna.

In a statement to NVBF media, Melandi clarified that certain players who had played in last year’s edition but still satisfy the age criteria for this year’s tournament were segregated from new players who were then assessed to make sure they fall within the age limit.

Melandi said both sets of players, new and old, were then grouped amongst themselves and screened on the basis of their form.

“The true situation of things is that there are no multiple screenings taking place in Kaduna; the Federation is only engaged in the U18 girls and U19 boys screening,” the former referee explained.

“There are few players of the previous U18 girls and U19 boys who played at these age category and their passport shows that they are still eligible to play by FIVB standard. 

“We separated them from the new players so that they do not overshadowed them and we went ahead to screening out over age from the new players. The eligible new players were now grouped into teams to play each other while the selection was taking place.

“The eligible players from previous editions were grouped into teams to play each other so that the coaches will see their current form. By all standards, these are not multiple screening as alleged,” he concluded.

Melandi advised players in camp to stay focused and not depend on their various coaches for favouritism.

“My advise to the players is to remain focus during the screening exercise.”