VAR Incidents To Be Viewed On Stadium Screens At World Cup Games

World football’s ruling body, FIFA, have confirmed that incidents which are reviewed during World Cup games via the use of video assistant referee (VAR) will be shown on the stadium screen once a decision has been made.

The new development was confirmed by the international football body on Wednesday in a bid to solve the problem of fans being in the dark when the VAR system is put to use.

The VAR system had been on trial in major leagues like the German Bundesliga and the Italian Serie A before Soccer’s rule-making body IFAB approved its use in March.

FIFA thereafter confirmed that it would be used at the World Cup in Russia.

Speaking about the system with reporters, IFAB’s head of technology Sebastian Runge said: “We know communications inside the stadium and outside is important..we are learning the experience of different leagues.”

He further added that a system had been introduced to ensure that the crowd at World Cup matches knew what was happening.

“We are not showing any replays while the referee is making the decision, only afterwards.” he further stated.

Runge added: “We don’t want the referee to be influenced by the crowd…if we showed what is happening on the screen before the decision, there would be some reaction and it could have an influence.”

“The only thing that can really fail is the link between the communications system in the stadium and the system in the International Broadcast Centre in Moscow.” he added.