Top Women’s Football Leagues To Follow

Football stands as one of the most widely followed sports globally. It has experienced significant growth over the years, amassing a massive fan base of billions, primarily concentrated in regions such as Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Nevertheless, women have not been left behind. Not only has women’s football gained a huge following, but there are currently over 29 million women footballers worldwide. Some of these women footballers belong to the best European football leagues, as we will see below.

Frauen Bundesliga

Frauen-Bundesliga, founded in 1989 in Germany, is one of the pioneers of women’s football leagues. Though you may not find the league in some of the top 10 betting sites in South Africa or in Africa, the league is well-known for its physical and technological infrastructure that consistently produces top-notch players. Indeed, the league has demonstrated dominance by clinching multiple UEFA Women’s Champions League titles.

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