Title Race Already Over For Arsenal —Newcastle Striker, Wilson

Newcastle United striker Callum Wilson has said rsenal are out of the Premier League title race despite their 2-0 win against the Magpies at St. James’ Park on Sunday.

Mikel Arteta’s side cut Manchester City’s lead to just one point following the win at Newcastle.

But the time wasting antics by the Arsenal players at St James’ Park saw them come under fire.

Following the defeat, Wilson told The Footballer’s Football Podcast he does not understand the antics by the Arsenal players since they are out of the race.

“Always the day after the game it’s still fresh. For me you’re still tired and the body from physically running around giving what you’ve given in the game, mentally and emotionally you’re still drained as well.

“We’re getting there slowly but I think that game reiterates we’ve still got a way to go because at the end of the

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